Big Time Production is a Director's rep agency aimed primarily at production houses, advertising agencies, and clients looking for audiovisual solutions for your next project. We represent commercial directors internationally. We have experience organizing productions, having worked in North & South America, Europe, and Asia. If you need help on your next production, contact us for more information.

At Big Time Production, we attend to the initial preparatory work and ensure the smooth operation of your production. We understand the need for a devoted team of pragmatic and experienced professionals to resolve any difficulties and to transform your ideas into reality. We source reels, check availability and negotiate budgets for you. If you are looking for experienced, seasoned, production friendly Directors for your next project, or are searching for production services, we can help. We provide a process–oriented approach to ensure the right fit between the agency needs and the director. We bring professionalism and transparency to the film making process. If you are looking for 'select' directorial talent, you have come to the right place.

Juliana Chun, owner of BigTime Production, has been working in advertising, television, and cinema since the early '80s. She has worked as editor, production manager, executive producer, international production coordinator, and directors' representative all over the world.